Oak Manufacturing is proud to introduce:
The Show Stopper

The Original Oak Show Stopper is a Perpetual Bulk Vending Machine (i.e.) new characters that we release periodically can be installed by simply unplugging the old and plugging in the new one. Each time a character was exchanged during our trial period, it was like installing a new machine.

We tested this machine in a variety of locations for more than a year with outstanding results. The unit combines the best of both worlds, interaction and traditional bulk vending.

  • The Original Oak Show Stopper comes in two models pedestal and cabinet
  • The unit operates on three lithium batteries, with a life span of 90-120 days, depending on usage.
  • Increase sales with attention-grabbing light and sound!
  • The unit is available in the following coin denominations: 50-cent, 75-cent, & $1.00.

Available configurations & sizes:

Available January 2008

H: 51.25"
W: 22.25"
D: 22.25"
Shipping Wt: 138-lbs.

Available Now!

H: 53"
W: 22"
D: 18.25"
Shipping Wt: 75-lbs.

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